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Non-Judgment Zone

         Paying It Forward Store started in November 2015. The founder was riding Tri-met Max and would see this mom and daughter every day he would be riding the max. The mother would give the daughter her gloves to keep the daughter's hands warm. The little girl would then turn to mom and rub mom's hands to help warm up mom's bare hands. Jim felt that this was wrong so he talked to his family and reached out to numerous businesses. 
         Pilgrim Lutheran in Portland Oregon reached back and offered their space to run an event. The events were held at this Church where those in the community were struggling.  Those who came to shop were able to get clothes, shoes, coats, bedding free.  This continued for months and has turned into a few years now. P.I.F.S out grew the space and moved into doing the events at Living Hope Baptist Church in Portland.
         Currently P.I.F.S runs a free clothing event on the 1st Saturday of each month. We currently accept New or gently worn: clothes, shoes, coats, bedding. We also accept new pet supplies, and personal hygiene items. 
        P.I.F.S is always looking for volunteers at the events, as volunteer drivers, and on our board of directors. If you are looking for a Non-profit to donate financialy to, please think of P.I.F.S.

We are a local 501c3 Non-Profit