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Non-Judgment Zone
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     P.I.F.S free clothing events are just that free. We have spent the month collecting donated clothing, shoes, coats, bedding, personal hygiene items and pet supplies.
We invite you out to gather items that you maybe in need of to help you​ and your family in a safe judgment free area.

    We are unfortunately canceling the Paying It Forward Store Free Clothing Event until further notice. This is not what we had hoped for, but due to someone getting hurt outside the church a few months back, the church is refusing to allow us to run the Paying It Forward Store Free Clothing Event. Our insurance company is stating that we are not at fault. Living Hope Baptist Church states unless we get our insurance company to cover the medical bills we are no longer allowed to operate our free clothing event.
 We have every volunteer sign a release of liability waiver form prior to volunteering. This releases Paying It Forward Store and Living Hope Baptist Church from any liabilities. Everyone must read and sign prior to helping. This person read and signed that they understood what they were waving. The church should not be held liable nor should Paying It Forward Store be held liable. 
We appreciate all that Living Hope Baptist Church has done for Paying It Forward Store over the last 2 years. We would not have been able to help as many of our community as we have without them allowing us to use their gym. We are allowing the insurance companies to do their job and figure out what is to happen. We have been actively looking for another spot that will allow us to help more people more often. This may be a frustrating situation now, but it will be a lot better in the end.


Paying It Forward Store Board Members